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The Cliffs and The Sau


Beautifully carved cliffs visited by soft pillowy clouds and a sunken village make for memorable moments as you wander around the Tavertet Cliffs and Sant Roma de Sau. This complex landscape, paired with its rich legends, can have an almost hypnotic effect on travellers who visit.


Located just on the edge of a cliff about 420 meters up from the Sau dam is the beautiful 17th-century cobbled village of Tavertet. With a small population of only 140 inhabitants, this village is the jump-off point for many of the hiking routes in the area.


Then there is the Reservoir of Sau located on the river Ter. This valley was home to the Sant Roma de Sau way back in the 11th Century. When the colossal dam spanning 83 meters in height and 260 meters in length was completed in 1962, the entire village had to be relocated as it was inundated by the river Ter.


Today, this reservoir hosts a variety of water activities you can enjoy. Kayaking is popular because you can get up close and personal with the tower of the sunken church.


So, if you want to experience the past in the present, book this trip today!

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