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Medieval Tours


Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages as we take you to the heart of medieval Spain’s architectural treasure trove. We will visit the towns of Besalu, Rupit, and Tavertet, where you will be charmed by old-world architecture.
Our first stop is Besalu, a charming medieval town beautifully preserved. It is an enduring example of the Catalan Middle Ages, with the spectacular La Garrotxa Nature Reserve as its backdrop.
When you cross the impressive medieval bridge to enter Besalu, you would think you have stepped into a storybook. You almost expect to see knights escorting fair maidens into town. A National Historical-Artistic site, Besalu is a testament to the medieval character of the whole village.
 We continue our travel back in time to Rupit, a medieval village that sits upon a large rock formation, surrounded by massive boulders and nestled in a stunning natural landscape. It is aptly named Rupit, which comes from ‘rupes,’ Latin for rock.
Imagine a bygone era as you stroll along cobblestone streets and gaze at stone buildings. Be sure to take a walk across the suspension bridge and check out the giant staircase in the town center.
The last stop is the tiny town of Tavertet, recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest. The breathtaking panoramic landscape upon which Tavertet is built is already worth the visit, but there is more to discover in the town.
You can explore the old quarter of Tavertet, where you will find houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries. After taking in the picturesque views of the town, visit the 1,000-year-old small but pretty stone church, San Cristobal de Tavertet, near the cliffs.

Experienced and friendly tour guide with commentary
Private vehicle for your group
Maximum of 8 hours​

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