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Hot Air Balloon


Witness the stunning panoramic views of Catalonia at sunrise when you hop on to this experience of a lifetime on a hot air balloon. Half an hour from Barcelona, this adventure starts in the Valles Oriental, taking off from Cardedeu. Whether it's a shared flight, a group outing, or a more intimate experience with your special someone, we have something catered to your flight needs.


Check out what we have in store for you, and let's get flying!

Discovery Ride

First time going on a hot-air balloon? Don’t worry. We got you! With our exciting Discovery Ride, you get to have the full hot air balloon experience, from setting up, launching, and landing, without breaking the bank because you can share this exhilarating experience with up to 8 passengers!

  • Flight organization, ballooning team, pilot, and crew members

  • Approximately 1-hour duration of the hot air balloon flight

  • Third-party insurance based on the European law Nº 785 / 2004

  • Passenger brief and preparation

  • Balloon Inflation and Landing

  • Passenger pickup and transport to launch field

  • A Cava toast, refreshments, and an exquisite meal at the landing spot

  • First Flight certificates signed by the pilot


The Flight Program


The start would be at dawn with all of the members of the group in the meeting place so that all of you can experience how to set up the balloon and can finish them early. After that, we will take off for about an hour with the wind carrying us around the Catalonian landscape. After the ride, the “chase crew” will recover the balloon and the group back to the launch field to celebrate the experience with a Cava toast. Then for the finale, this is the part where all of the passengers get a certificate signed by the pilot.


This balloon ride starts early in the morning and ends around noon time. Specific time is scheduled according to the flying season. This one-hour balloon flight including all of the other activities lasts for half a day. We at BCN Montjuic Tourist Point and all our partner companies for this activity operate all year long. Usually, flights are concentrated during Mondays, Fridays, and weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). Balloon flights on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are possible if there’s a booking of 4 participants (minimum), a group, or travelers who have opted for the “private” balloon flight option.​


Experience this exciting adventure in the Vallés Oriental, just half an hour away from Barcelona. Taking off from Cardedeu, you’ll discover a lot of amazing panoramas and landscapes and fly over unique points of interest in the Montseny Natural Park region. If it happens to be a clear sky, you’ll have the chance to admire Montserrat picks, the Mediterranean sea, and Barcelona itself. 


  • It is possible to fly all year long in Catalonia. It is in fact more interesting to fly during the winter season because it offers more advantages to passengers; the weather is more stable during this season that makes the flights longer and you can also get up later as dawn takes place in the early morning.

  • Hot air balloon activities are dependent on fair weather conditions.

  • Take-off must be during favorable conditions with calm winds of less than 20 km per hour and with no rain. Flights would be postponed on another day if ever the schedule of your flight has unsuitable conditions.


This hot air balloon ride is guaranteed to be a very safe activity and to further ensure the safety of our passengers, pregnant women and children under 6 years of age are not allowed to fly.

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