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Girona and Besalu Tour


Wander in the charming city of Girona and discover a wealth of history.
The different cultures that have inhabited this ancient city are evident in its diverse architecture.
Stroll through the narrow streets, stone stairways, and arches of the Jewish Quarter. Next to it, admire the colorful houses along the Onyar River.
Walk up the 89-step staircase to the majestic Girona Cathedral, a masterpiece of Baroque and Gothic architecture and a filming location of Game of Thrones. A few streets away, wander into the medieval Romanesque baths called Banys Arabs. Don't worry. No one will be bathing there though Game of Thrones did use it for an Arya Stark fight scene.
Walk on the medieval walls enclosing the old city and be captivated by the spectacular views.
Next stop: The charming medieval town of Besalu. Beautifully preserved, Besalu is an enduring example of the Catalan Middle Ages, with the spectacular La Garrotxa Nature Reserve as its backdrop.
Crossing the impressive medieval bridge to enter Besalu feels like stepping into a storybook. You almost expect to see knights escorting fair maidens into town.
There is more to discover once we are inside Besalu. We will take care of all the necessary arrangements so you can feel carefree as you roam around the town.
Fun Fact: Besalu holds a Medieval Festival every last weekend of August. The whole town becomes a fairy tale come alive!

Experienced and friendly tour guide with commentary
Private vehicle for your group
Maximum of 8 hours

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