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The Templars & Ebro River


This tour will leave you awestruck with the richness and excitement of the story behind Miravet and the Knights Templar.
Miravet is a small, picturesque village on the banks of the Ebro River and is most famous for Miravet Castle. This medieval castle, built by the Templars, is on top of a high rock that looms over the town, with old houses that seem to tumble down the hill. The whole sight looks like a history book come alive.
Besides its striking appearance that seems straight out of a Disney movie, Miravet and its castle offers so much more. The castle is witness to historically important events spanning hundreds of years. Discover remnants of these events as you wander through Miravet. From the castle, enjoy spectacular views of the river, fields, and mountains of the Catalonia countryside. Stroll through the town on narrow, cobbled streets. Admire the charming houses or sip a cup of coffee in one of the cafes by the river.
You are sure to be fascinated by what you learn as our knowledgeable tour guide helps you navigate through Miravet.
Fun fact: In the olden days, people would cross the Ebro in a Pas de Barca to reach Miravet. This is a wooden platform that joins two boats together. A cable ties this traditional boat to both shores. The boat simply floats with the current to get to the other side. Miravet is one of the only two places that still use this kind of river crossing.

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