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Filipino driver in Barcelona that can reach major cities in Spain and Europe. We are a licensed, Filipino travel and tour agency in Spain.



Filipino driver in Barcelona that can reach major cities in Spain and Europe. We are a licensed, Filipino travel and tour agency in Spain.

The BCN Montjuic Tourist Point (BCN MTP) is the trade name of Limebuns Travel and Tours. Its subsidiaries and its associated companies and authorized agents are appointed in writing by BCN Montjuic Tourist Point.


Our company collects only the necessary data when you use our website. We assure you that we are highly committed to the ethical standards in collecting, processing, and security of the personal information you have provided to us.

Table of Contents


What data does BCN MTP collect?


How does BCN MTP use your data?


How does BCN MTP store your data?


How does BCN MTP protect data rights?


What are cookies?


How does BCN MTP use cookies?


Types of cookies BCN MTP use


How to manage your cookies?


Changes with our privacy policy


Contact us


What data does BCN MTP collect?

The data that our company collects is your "Personal Data" when you use our service or our website that provides you great satisfaction. We collect two types of data from our client/ customer, the "Personal Information" and the "Technical Information."

Personal Information

The "Personal Information" consists of any related information about you which helps us identify you directly or indirectly. It includes your name, address/ location, phone/ telephone number, online/ location identifiers. Your IP address and cookies identifiers, photographs, or other factors give us information specific to your physical, genetic, physiological, mental, cultural, economic, or social identity.


We may also be collecting other personal data/ information to assist you with your travel plans. Including the following but not limited to:​

  • Passport number

  • Or other identification cards issued by the government

  • Date of birth

  • Place of birth

  • Gender

  • Location and times of arrival and departure

  • Airlines

  • Hotels

  • And additional information related to your travel history and knowledge

Technical Information

We usually collect the "Technical Information" through Automatic Data Collection Technologies. It includes your IP address, pages/ sites that you visit, search terms, and other site pages you see while using our site or visiting our site and using our services.

We use different technologies in the collection of this automatic data, including log data and cookies.


Whenever you are using a mobile application, website, or other services, they usually ask for specific information to fill and create to retain in the application or website you visit. So do us, we collect your technical information when you use our service or our website and made it anonymous, just as the following:

Log Data

It is a piece of information that our servers automatically save and record when you visit or use our site. It includes your IP address, the browser you use and its settings, the other website or a third-party website you see as you use and access our site, the operating system you use, the internet provider domain name, the search terms, and many more.

Cookie Data

It is data that the website server commonly stores on your computer. It enables the websites that you visited to recognize and remember your entries and computer as you revisit the page from time to time using the same unit.


You could learn more about how we use cookie data by reviewing our Cookie Policy which you can see in the "Cookie Policy" section of this Privacy Policy.


The technical information that we collect from you will undergo analysis to know the number of people who visited different sections of our site, evaluate how the visitor uses our site, and provide the user of our site with relevant and useful advertisements.

We understand our customers' trends and needs, promote our activities effectively, and make our site more helpful and valuable to visitors. We have reserved the right to use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to know when it is necessary and applicable to enforce compliance with our site's terms and conditions, or:​

  • To fulfill a request from the government;

  • To conform to the legal process or law requirements;

  • To defend or protect the property and legal rights of our site, or other users and visitors; or​

  • To protect our site's users or the general public's health and safety, in case of emergency.


How does BCN MTP use your data?

The Personal Information that we hold and will use is necessary for uplifting the performance of our website services. It could also be used as the following:

  • To provide you with the information regarding our products or services that you request from us.

  • To send you email alerts, newsletters, updates, offers, event registrations, and other notices concerning our events, news, or services that may interest you.

  • To manage and improve our website performance.

  • To ensure that the technical functioning of our services and network works properly.

  • For reviews, research, testing, analysis, and development of the website services.

  • To protect the rights and safety of our site, clients, and others from all error, fraud, theft, or extreme action.

  • To respond appropriately to law enforcement's request and as a required court order, governmental regulations, or applicable law.


How does BCN MTP store your data?

All the data we received from the website's user would be automatically collected, stored, and will be transmitted to our server log files. These server log files are listed below:

  • IP address

  • The hostname of the computer that is accessing

  • Operating system used

  • Time of the server request

  • Browser type and browser version

  • Referrer URL

This information will not combine with data that we received from other sources. The processing of information or data for measures preliminary to a contract or fulfill the warranty depends on the GDPR European law.


How does BCN MTP protect data rights?

There are appropriate measures implemented to ensure that the security level regarding the protection and incurred the client's data is superb to avoid any unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, and disclosure.

  • We will not rent, sell, or trade all the personal data that the users share with us. Aside from the information that we pass to the service provider, we will make it confidential for the user's safety.

  • We will not be allowed to share any information online or offline to protect the website users' identity and privacy.

  • All the user's sensitive information, such as credit card/ debit card, bank accounts, ID numbers, and contact numbers, is encrypted using encryption software or SSL for protection.

For European residents, we will do all disclosure under the data protection laws applicable and with the Europe GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) to ensure that BCN MTP provides the users/clients an adequate protection level of their data.

Here are the following rights that you have to process, practice, and apply:


Right of access

You have the right and are authorized to request a copy of all the information we hold about you.

Right of rectification

You are accessible to correct all the data that we hold about you, which you think is incomplete or inaccurate.

Right to be forgotten

You have the power to ask us to erase or delete all your records from us as you please.

Right to restriction of processing

You are allowed to restrict us from processing your data.

Right of portability

You are accessible to have every single data we hold about you that we transferred to another organization.

Right to object

You have the power to object the specific types of data processing, such as direct marketing.

Right to judicial review

You have the right to complain when we refuse to provide you the data you request from us.

Please note that all the data related to maintaining the purpose of our business or the information associated with performing the services or the contract we have agreed on will not be able to be deleted otherwise requested from us. All of the requests above will be forwarded to the parties that hold and process all these appropriate data.


What are cookies?

Cookies are necessary to make every website work properly and to enhance the experience of the users. It is a small text file that is commonly and generally stored in your browser.


Any persistent cookie is unique to every device because of the stored values or attributes that fit individual personal information criteria under the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, we have to justify the legal grounds set of the GDPR Article 6 for all the use of different types of cookies used in the website.


How does BCN MTP use cookies?
"Cookie Policy"

Cookies are essential for both the website owner and users. Here are the purposes why we use cookies. It includes the following:

  • To guide and assist the user in the navigation of our site;

  • To help and allow you to provide feedback to us and our site;

  • To analyze how the user uses our site, services, or applications.


Types of cookies BCN MTP use

We provided you all the different types of cookies we use on our website:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: It is the essential cookie for the website to function correctly. You cannot turn this off on your computer.

  • Advertising Cookies: It helps us display advertisements that may interest you depending on the search you do when visiting our website.

  • Analytics Cookies: It is a cookie that monitors how users interact within our site and move on the site when they reached it.

  • Personalization Cookies: It helps us record all your browsing history, pages visited, preferences and settings every time you visit our site.

  • Security Cookies: It helps us to quickly identify and prevent risk in security.

  • Site Management Cookies: It helps us maintain your session or identity on our site so that when you accidentally log-off, the information would retain on all pages.

  • Third-Party Cookies: Third-party cookies may be placed on your computer when you visit the site by companies that run certain services we offer.​

  • Performance Cookies: It allows us to count how many users visited our site and the traffic sources to improve the performance of the site.


How to manage your cookies?

If you wish to manage your cookies for controlling and deleting them, you should click here. All information is provided in the link, so please do visit it for more information.


Changes to our privacy policy

Our site's privacy policy may change from time to time to update (Please do note). We will post all the changes in our site's privacy policy on our page. We will also provide you essential notice if the changes we make in our approach are significant via email notification and specific services. We will not remove all the Privacy policy versions in an archive for your convenience and review.


If you wish not to accept the changes we make, you should stop using our site. However, if you still want to continue to use our site, you have to agree to the revised Privacy Policy that we have posted.


Contact us

If you have any concerns and questions, you may contact us through the information provided below:

Company Name: BCN Montjuic Tourist Point

Address: Carrer d'Elkano, 41 Local 1 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Office: +34 935 140 498

Mobile: +34 634 194 216


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