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Sant Jeroni Summit Hiking


Enjoy the panoramic views of Catalonia from the summit of Sant Jeroni. At 1,236 meters, it is the highest peak of the Montserrat mountain range.


This hike is one of the best and easier trails to take in Barcelona. You might think you need expert rock climbing skills to scale the summit, but this couldn't be further from the truth. A flight of concrete steps boosts you to 200 meters of vertical gain to reach the highest point.


On your way to the summit, you'll go through a forest, hear birds singing, and pass by otherworldly rock formations.


When you finally reach the top, take in the gorgeous views of the Pyrenees, Llobregat Valley, the Mediterranean coast, and Barcelona. If the skies are clear and the weather is on your side, you may even see the island of Mallorca!


This hike is perfect for the traveler who loves fun adventures and desires to discover more of the amazing region of Catalonia.


So, if that is you, book your tour with us today!

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