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La Pedrera
Casa Mila


Filipino Travel Agency Spain

A. Audio-guided visit to the permanent exhibition


Audio-guide languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Everyday from 09:00h



General: Starts from 22.00€

Child from 0-6y/o: Free

Child from 7-12y/o: Starts from 13.00€

Student: Starts from 16.50€

Above 65y/o: Starts from 18.00€

B. Gaudis Pedrera; The Origin, Night Visit.

A spectacular night-time experience that will amaze everyone.


Everyday from November 2 at 19:00h, 19:40h, 20:00h, 20:40h


Everyday from May 18 to November 1 at 21:00h, 21:20h, 21:40h, 22:00h, 22:40h, 23:00h



General: Starts from 34,00€

Child from 0-6 y/o: Free

Child from 7-12y/o: Starts from 19,00€


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