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Why Belgium Has The Best Chocolates

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

There is something about that creamy and delicious bite of Belgian chocolates that makes you want to go for more. It makes you think, how can this wonderful praline be as famous all over the world? Let's take a look back and learn how all of this came to be.

Making sense of all of these chocolate madness is to go back in history of how Belgium became synonymous to chocolates. It is a no-brainer that all of the addictive quality of all Belgian chocolates are from the high-end ingredient that goes into every morsel of choco goodness. Back in 1884, there was a law that states that there should be a minimum level of 35% cocoa in all chocolate products. This law ensures that there are no extenders and or hacks to rig the composition of each chocolate product. Included in this law is the regulation of how and where all the cocoa are coming and being produced from.

Furthermore, what makes Belgian chocolates stand out is the enduring tradition of making them. The traditional way of production is still being practiced all throughout Belgium. Chocolatiers, big or small are still using the age-old tradition in all of their products. Even the giant Neuhaus is still using this method.

Are you curious on how all of these came to be? Then head on out to the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate or the MUCC in Brussels. You can take a gander of how meticulous each step of the chocolate-making process really is.

Did you know that the Côte d’Or is the most famous commercial brand of Belgian chocolates? You can find this brand all over the country in almost every shelves in any stores. This magnificent kind of chocolate is the brainchild of Charles Neuhaus way back in1870. The name is derived from the Gold Coast in Ghana where the chocolate beans originated from. Côte d’Or is now part of the chocolate roster of the multinational company Mondelez International, whose other products include Oreo, Toblerone, Mikado, Milka, and Cadbury.

Today, Belgian chocolate has established itself as the gold standard on how chocolates should be. If you find yourself in Belgium, then you will not have a hard time choosing from over 2000 chocolatiers all over the country.

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