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Where to go and what to do in the paradise island of Capri

Talk to people and ask them what paradise looks like, and they will describe to you an amalgamation of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and a background of majestic mountains.

Couple this with rich culture and intricate architecture and you will come up with the island of Capri.

This Italian island is famous for tourist in and out of Europe. And it's about time you have a friendly introduction. Here are some amazing tourist spot and activities that you need to know before you visit Capri.

Scenic Boat Ride Around The Island

There are things that feels natural to do when you go to a place. And in Capri, riding a boat to explore the exquisite beauty of the island town is second to none.

Get on the boat and visit the Grotto Azzura or the Blue Grotto. Be mesmerized by the flooded cave’s hypnotic blue colors. Soak in the beauty of reflected sunlight that gives out an almost eerie blue feel into the cave.

Aside from cave, be in awe of the harmony of the sea, beach, mountains and Italian architecture all in one place. Get to see Capri in a different perspective.

Visit Mount Solaro And See The Island From Above

From the seas we shift now to the heights of the Mount Solaro and it’s one of a kind vantage point of the island. See the vastness of the ocean and the pearly sands of the beach as it mingles with the amazing coastline of Capri.

But wait, before you say that you are not a trekker and it will be a hassle to go to the mountain top. Fret no more! You can go to the mountain using a chairlift! From Anacapri’s Piazza Vittoria you can take a chairlift to the zenith of Mount Solaro.

This is a fun way to reach the high peak while taking in the beauty of the whole island. And while you are at the top take a gander of the overall beauty Capri has to offer.

After basking at the glorious landscape, you can take a reflective walk along the mountainside slope into the Cetralla Hermitage. This small chapel was once a home for hermits.

Visit The Gardens Of Augustus

An amazing garden of manicured ornamental plants and flowers and other fixture overlooking the wondrous Faraglioni sea stacks. This scenic garden is a sight to behold as it lies in a vision point for the Marina Piccola and Via Krupp.

Emperor Augustus and Tiberius took a rest from all the wars of the Roman times and take their sweet time to rest up in this blessing of an island.

Have A Nice Italian Dinner At Anacapri

After all the natural beauty of the island has been taken in, sit back and relax at the Piazza in Anacapri. Situated atop a plateau, be immersed in the rich historical past of the town. Take the Phoenician made 500 stone steps.

While at the town have visit at the church of San Michele and the town’s church the Santa Sofia. Take a look at the love of Italians towards Christianity with all this ornate and well-preserved churches.

Then after all of this, treat yourself like a local and have a sumptuous dinner in the Piazetta. Enjoy outdoor dining and mingle with other people as you take the best sunset in this side of Italy.

Got caught in the beauty of Capri? We can help you get there. Send us an email at and we will be happy to help you.

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