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Top Travel Tips That You Should Know Before Visiting Prague

If you search the word Europe on Google, you’ll most probably come across a picture of a beautiful scene of old houses and buildings in the middle of a thriving metropolitan. And in the midst of the sea of images any search engine will show you, there will always be a picture of Prague.

You are probably thinking, how can I go such a wondrous city? But before you go there, you must understand some information regarding the Czech capital. Here are some travel tips that you have to learn before visiting Prague.

Dining Tips

First thing’s first, you need to fuel your body to enjoy the best of Prague.

Add 10 or 20 crowns to your bill when tipping in a restaurant. But the tip you can give call also depend on the type of restaurant that you are in. If you are in a more fancier restaurant, they could expect for a 10-15% tip.

If you are used to leaving your change or tip on your restaurant bill, then you should think your strategy through when you’re in Prague. It is better to give your tip to the waiter rather than leaving your tip along with the business bill.

Looking for a cheaper meal than what you are used to? Then you should not visit the Old Town Square. Why? Because you can avoid overpriced goods in the area rather than the places near your hotel.

Drinking Tips

Heads up beer drinkers! If you are spend more than 30-40 KC for a 500 ml beer, then that is one expensive beer.

How to drink with locals? Raise your mug, look at the person you’re drinking with and say “Na zdravi.” Briefly place your mug on the table and then bottoms up.

For the best and freshest Czech beer, you need to go to a local “tankova”. These tank pubs serve unpasteurized beer fresh off the breweries.

Commuting Tips

Tram stops are listed as such that when you are in a particular stop, it is listed with an underline. While stops that are already passed in a route are listed above the current stop. So if your destination is above the current stop, then you have to go back and move the other way around.  

For the daring and on a shallow pocket, you can try and get on board a tram without a ticket. You can get away with it fairly easily as most of the tickets are barely checked. The downside however is the hefty 900 kc fine if you ever get caught.

Security Tips

Like most cities, hailing a taxi on the street means that you have to pay extra. Why? Becasue it’s a taxi. But to avoid paying more, you can rent radio dispatched taxi. This will guarantee that you can be given your exact amount for your fare. It is also worth noting that the law prohibits a driver who doesn’t give any receipt back.

Most travelers are weary of how to exchange their currency to the local money. The wariness is warranted as most currency exchange business offers you less to what your money is worth. The best bet? Go to the nearest ATM.

These are just some of the information that you need in order to get set for your travel to Prague. But anything else, BCN Montjuic Tourist Point is your travel companion in Prague and other cities in Europe.

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