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Top 5 Spots In Germany’s Black Forest

As long as men started telling stories, one of the most prevalent setting among these stories are the dark woods, intertwining branches and dark canopies looming its shadows into the main character. We grew up in these forests in our stories and yet have you ever wonder if you could be there in real life?

Welcome to Germany’s Black Forest. The Brothers Grimm’s go to place for wonder and astonishment. There are lots of places to visit and views to see in the Baden-Württemberg mountain range, but where do we start? Here are the top 5 location to visit in Germany’s Black Forest.

Pamper in Baden-Baden

If you want to enjoy the scenic Black Forest while having yourself luxuriously pampered into relaxation then Baden-Baden is the spot for you. This 19th century spa town is accentuated by Belle Époque-era architecture along with a vibrant art scene. After being pampered have a go at the Black Forest National Park and take in the vastness of these woods. Situated in the hills of the northern part of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden is a perfect spot for the art-architecture-nature lover inside you.

Not Bad at Bad Wildbad

If luxury is not your thing, then Bad Wildbad is the next best thing for you. Enjoy the scores upon scores of pine trees in this spa town. Have a marvel at the gorge of the Enz river while you’re at it. Hot springs are also very common in this part of the Black Forest. So you can just take a dip while being relaxed in the midst of the beautiful German mountain ranges.  

Staying Cool at Calw

One of the most prominent feature of the Grimm’s fairy tales is it setting and its houses. The wooden house carry a very significant role in each of the stories and this next town is known for having the 18th-century half-timbered houses. When you think of the Black Forest, Calw is the scene that you will imagine. So if the old town is the thing that you’re looking for, this town coupled with its vibrant tourism industry will surely make your stay worthwhile.

Acting Baiersbronn

The Black Forest is not all nature and gigantic trees, it also features a mountain resort! Baeirsbronn is a nine-village resort town featuring an assortment of high-end hotels and numerous Michelin star restaurant. For the food buffs, Baiersbronn is an ideal place for you. After stuffing yourself with decadent and delicious food, you can burn it all up with the the mountain resort’s skip slopes and other activity areas.

Tour Around Freiburg

Enough of the north side, and let’s flip it into the south side of the Black Forest. Freidburg is situated in the slopes and vineyards of the Black Forest and is known for its classical feel. Walk inside this university town’s cobblestone streets and enjoy their half-timbered houses. Known as Germany’s warmest city due to its abundant rays of sunshine, be mesmerized by it’s charming 11th century Münster cathedral. Admire it’s magnificent spire. And during the night, party with the town’s lively nightlife. The student population of the town brings a vibrant feel to the town.

There are still a lot to explore in Germany’s Black Forest and we want to explore all of them with you. Talk to us and we will be happy to make your childhood fantasy into a reality.

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