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The gift of the Spanish Muslims to the World: Granada

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

The intricate moorish architecture will mystify your visit at the Alhambra. / Photo by: Ms. Jauriah Ghani

Imagine a lavish tapestry of culture, arts and traditions frozen in a city with rich history of passion, honor and devotion. Even if you managed to come up with an image it will still pale in comparison to the vastness of beauty of Granada, Spain.

Entrenched within the rich history of Spain, Granada is home to the last stronghold of the Moorish kingdom. The result is a combination of the romantic and ornate Islamic architecture and the devoted architecture of Christianity. The Spanish city is a one of a kind destination that will enthrall the history buff and the aesthetic traveler alike.

Situated in the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the tallest mountain range in all of Europe, Granada is where you’ll find yourself inside a cultural town that is both Moorish and Catholic. You’ll be hard pressed to find a city like this anywhere in the world.

Around the town there are lots of activities and destinations that you will find, but nothing stands out more than the Alhambra. The Moorish castle and fortress sits atop a hill that overlooks the expanse of the city. This wondrous castle is the best vantage point in which to see the town. The Nasrid Dynasty masterpiece is well known for its amazing gardens and the breathtaking view of the city. With the Sierra Nevada in the background of the castle, there is a few who can compete to the beauty of this castle.

Photo by: Ms. Jauriah Ghani

After spending your time in awe of the castle, you can find your self deep within the colorful culture of the town. There are the horseshoe arches, the spicy aromas emanating from street stalls, the teterías (teahouses) of the Albayzín, the historic Arab quarter.

Photo by: Ms. Jauriah Ghani

Speaking of the Alhambra, if you want to see the castle from afar, then you’ll have to get to Mirador San Nicolas. The mirador is a vantage point where in you can see the beauty of the old moorish country.

If you want a blast from the past with flavor of different culture combined with the rich culture of the Spaniards then Granada is the place to go. And if you want a helping hand to get you there, send us an email at We will be happy to help you explore Granada.

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