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Schengen: A Picture of Quintessential Europe

All through out the world, there are certain places that are trapped in between two places at once.There are boundaries and other borders that creates a very unique place. A place that could lead you two places. Then there’s Schengen, a small border town that can lead you to, not two, not three but 26 countries. Yes you read that right.

Welcome to Schengen, a small town in one of the smallest country in the world, Luxembourg. A place nestled on the edge of three countries, a place only heard due to the naming of a certain European visa.

Which begs the question, how can someone enjoy a town like Schengen?

If you like the quintessential image of Europe, then Schengen is where you need to be. Enjoy the lush green pasture, along with the pristine waters of a river running alongside the endless vineyards and a 14th-century chateau overlooking this small village. The river, Moselle river, serves as a natural border between Luxembourg, Germany to east, and France down south.   

This little village of international convergence boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage, aside from that monumental date, of June 14, 1985. Where in this small village, the representative of Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands signed the Schengen agreement that revolutionized borderless travel in most of Europe. The town also has a beautiful chateau - turned hotel where renowned novelist, Victor Hugo, once lived.

To enjoy these beauties, one can secure a bicycle and go on discovering along the river banks and villages from the morning till dawn. Stop at some local vineyards and enjoy a glass of Elbling wine. A local wine for just euro.

If you want some bit of historical artifact, then a visit to the memorial for the 25th anniversary of the Schengen Agreement is in order. Marvel at a piece of the Berlin wall that serves as the marker for the event.

In the midst of all of the natural beauty and harmonious scenery, a monument for the Schengen accords is also built in the town in the form of a surprisingly modern museum. A celebration of the historic day inside the Princesse Marie-Astrid, the boat where the agreement was signed, is showcased inside the museum. The dates, personalities and other events that commemorates the groundbreaking pact are presented for all to see.

But in all of these, the true beauty of Schengen lies in the old country vibe of the small village. A strut down the relaxing European country life. This is what you will be staying here for, the beauty and the comfort a lazy trip down old Schengen can give.

The relaxing old town is not going away, but time is. So what are you waiting for? Get on that plane and get to visit this wonderfully historic town! BCN Montjuic Tourist Point can help you get there. Talk to us and we will be happy to serve you.

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