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Fiestas, festivals and more : 2019 Events to look out for in Spain

Are you planning to have a Spanish getaway? And you are not sure on when to visit? Don’t fret, we got you and we are here to help you decide. We have listed down the biggest and most colorful events Spain has to offer.

If there is one thing Spain is known for, it will be fiestas and everything that comes along with it. So get your calendar and let’s get your itinerary ready for your next Spanish vacation.

Tenerife Carnival

Spanish party anyone? Well, count us in! Spain really knows how to party and this Spanish event takes the cake. So head on down to Tenerife and Cadiz and get ready to have a blast in an all out party armada.  Your February will be a month to remember as you head to the carnival capital of Europe, Tenerife. Soak in the joyous festivities in the island like no other.

Experience the carnival and you’ll be in the party of your life!

La Tomatina

Tomatoes are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that are healthy for the body and they are also great for festivals!

Yes, get your festive hat on and stretch your arms for some tomato throwing. The Tomatina in Buñol is celebrated every last Wednesday of August. People from all over the globe joins this crazy, fun and juicy tomato festival! Time to throw some tomatoes. But hurry, only 20,000 people are allowed to join the Tomatina.

The Fiesta Mayor de Gracia in Barcelona

Fiestas are ordinarily a celebration, a party in commemoration of a religious date for a saint and or an event. But what makes Barcelona’s Fiesta Mayor de Gracia different from any other festivities is the intricate art involved in the fiesta.

The Gracia neighborhood blossoms every August with an spectacular display of artistic excellence and grand colors. The streets are emblazoned by well though out decoration that makes up for a wonderful experience for local and tourist alike.

The Fallas of Valencia

If you think that you have seen amazing statue engulfing a whole city then you don’t know the Fallas of Valencia!

Be fascinated by UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity event and be transported into the land of gigantic statues. These art pieces will engulf you with heavy, artistic details. The mid-March event will give you the notion of the artistic prowess of the Valencians. Take in the new, the classical and other statues the event has to offer.

Festival de los Patios in Cordoba

If you found yourself in Spain in the month of May, then better be in the city of Cordoba and be immersed in the Cordoba Patios Festival. Visit the magnificent private patios of the city and enjoy the beauty that you can only see once a year. The artistically manicured courtyards will bring you back to the heyday of the Spanish gardens!

Andalusia is calling and the courtyards are awaiting for you.

There are lots and lots of festivals for you and your friends. BCN Montjuic Tourist Point is here to help you get there.

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