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5 Exotic Norwegian Food You Must Try

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Whenever you are traveling in any part of the world, it is a must to try the something local. Understanding what each country has to offer is the key to enjoy the best food in any place and any day.

Today, we will give you what the Norwegians are proud of. But as twist, we are not giving you what the usual food any Norwegian have in their table. This is a list of some exotic food you can only find in Norway. So prepare your palate and let’s get ready to drool on these scrumptious food.

Let’s begin:

Lefser with brunost.

Get to enjoy an authentic Norwegian tortilla or lefse, but instead of having corn as the main ingredient, tortilla is made of hvetemel and potet (potato). Wrap it around some brunost or Norwegian brown cheese, and you have a nice add-on to kaffien. So head on to the nearest kaffien shop and have some lefse and get your appetite going.


Norwegians will be the first to tell you to try this authentic local food. Komler or raspeballer, as they’re also known, is a white, spongy, round ”potato dumplings”. This is a very satisfying and a very filling up meal for any traveler. For those who need energy, Komler is the best bet for you in Norway.


The Big Norwegian Encyclopedia states that this next food is made from milk that is being heated till it almost starts boiling, under tilsetning av surmelk og evt. This will surely satisfy your sweet cravings when you come to Norway.


You take a cod or locally known as torsk, dry it for some months until it becomes as stiff paper. Then yout put the tørrfisk or the dried fish and soak it for days. Soak it in lut, lye similar to soap, before you let it soak in some more water. The result is a very watery delikatesse. For those who like strange but satisfying flavor, you have to try this food.


This is the definition of exotic. No doubt about this one. As if eating the hove or head of a smale/sheep wasn’t weird enough, smalahove afficionados in Western Norway even slurp the sheep’s little brain and big, empty eyes. This food right here is not for the feint of heart.

So, whatever your food trip is, if you like the usual variation of flavors and or the bizarre, Norway is the place to go! So let’s go and explore what Norway has to offer. Visit and or contact us in BCN Montjuic Tourist Point and we will give you the best experience in Europe.

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