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21-Days Europe Tour


This 21-day adventure through 9 European countries will leave you amazed and exhilarated! Explore various facets of Europe’s cities, cultures, and landmarks in comfort. We’ll take care of all the logistics so you can focus on making meaningful memories and new friends as you take in the sights of the world’s must-visit countries.


Countries you’ll visit:

England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, and France.


Predominantly 4-star hotel accommodations

Daily breakfast buffet

Eight (8) three-course dinners

An air-conditioned coach with a toilet

Free souvenir items after the trip

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Day 1: Arrive in London, England

Day 2: London

Day 3: London–Brussels, Belgium

Day 4: Brussels–Amsterdam, Holland

Day 5: Amsterdam–Rüdesheim, Germany–Rhineland

Day 6: Rhineland–Black Forest–Rhine Falls, Switzerland–Lucerne

Day 7: Lucerne

Day 8: Lucerne–Vaduz, Liechtenstein–Innsbruck, Austria–Munich, Germany

Day 9: Munich–Salzburg, Austria–Vienna

Day 10: Vienna

Day 11: Vienna–Venice, Italy

Day 12: Venice–Chianti Hills

Day 13: Chianti Hills–Assisi–Rome

Day 14: Rome

Day 15: Rome–Florence–Tuscany

Day 16: Tuscany–Pisa–Èze-French Riviera, France

Day 17: At Leisure in Nice

Day 18: Nice–Avignon–Lyon

Day 19: Lyon–Paris

Day 20: Paris

Day 21: Paris

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